SUV drove through 7-Eleven storefront on Lamar

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A downtown 7-eleven remains closed Monday afternoon after an SUV plowed into the store, shattering glass windows and ruining merchandise.

It happened Sunday around 11:45 p.m. on Lamar Blvd at 10th St.  The store owner said a customer came in to buy some beer.  A few minutes after the customer left, her employee then said the car was all of a sudden inside the store.

Austin Police said the woman driving the SUV got her dress caught on the gas pedal.  She then accidentally went into the wrong gear and put the vehicle in drive instead of reverse.  The owner said the woman stayed and talked with police.

APD said the woman was not drunk and did not receive a citation.  She was able to go home after the incident.

Code compliance officers assessed whether the structure was safe enough to reopen.  They were waiting on an engineer Monday morning to determine if it was okay.

Crews spent the morning sweeping up glass and boarding up the windows.

No one was injured.


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