Hitachi’s ‘World’s Fastest Elevator’ ascends 95 floors in 43 seconds

TOKYO (NBC/EBU) — Engineers at Japanese electronics company Hitachi say they’ve developed the world’s fastest elevator.

It moves at a speed of 3,937 feet per minute and can ascend 95 floors in roughly 43 seconds.

Engineers developed a powerful motor and made the cables 30 percent lighter in order to give the elevator its speed.

It uses double the normal of vibration-control devices to ensure the comfort of passengers.

Hitachi plans to install the model in a high-rise in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The 111-story building is due to be complete in 2016 and will stand over 1,700 feet tall.

The head of Hitachi’s international elevator business says demand for speed is growing in countries where skyscrapers are under construction.

According to Guinness World Records, Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan, is home to the world’s fastest elevators.

Its two high-speed elevators installed by Japanese company Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems have a maximum speed of 3,313 feet per minute.

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