VIDEO: Hostage escapes four-time convicted murderer

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. (CNN/WOOD) — Surveillance video shows a woman’s getaway from an escaped inmate who had taken her hostage.

In this gas station surveillance video, the man on the left in the dark jacket and white sweater is 40-year-old Michael Elliot, a four-time convicted murderer sentenced to five life sentences in 1993.

The blurred person seen talking to the clerk is the woman Elliot carjacked after escaping from a Michigan prison.

Authorities say the woman snuck out of the car and got the clerk to write down the gas station’s address.

Then, she locked herself in the bathroom and called 911, rescued minutes later when police arrived.

Elliot got away from the gas station but was later caught in a nearby city and extradited back to Michigan.

He’s due in court this week to face charges of kidnapping, carjacking and escaping prison.

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