Looking for KXAN? Time Warner switches channel lineup

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Time Warner Cable is launching a new theme-based lineup in the Austin area on Wednesday.

There will be no change in channels 1 to 99 and no changes to which channels are part of a customer’s TV package. Channels 100 and above will now be grouped into themes like entertainment, news and  information, sports, kids and teens programming, and premiums.

New HD Channels:

  • KXAN: 1203
  • KNVA: 1212
  • KBVO: 1215

Regardless of the channel, customers with an HD box will also automatically receive the HD feed of a channel. For example, when customers go to KXAN on channel 4, and they have an HD box, viewers will automatically get the HD version of the channel. KXAN will also be located on channel 1203.

View the full channel list here.


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