Twitter reunites rescued 6-year-old with family following ferry disaster

JINDO, South Korea (CNN/YTN) — Social media is playing a big role in bringing families together after the ferry disaster in South Korea.

This 6-year-old girl was rescued from the sinking vessel, but she was all alone.

Police put out a tweet for her relatives to come forward, reading in part: “Six-year-old Kwon Ji-Yung was rescued from the Jindo ship but a guardian has not been found.”

But the tweet misspelled the girl’s name, so it took longer for relatives to come forward.

But then a relative did respond to the police tweet. She tweeted: “I am the cousin of the Kwon Ji Young who was rescued from the ship.”

Then, police tweeted an update: “Six-year-old Kwon who was rescued from the sinking ship last night was handed over to relatives last night by police. Please stop looking for her guardians.”

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