Mammoth-sized ‘Chalk Jesus’ spans 17,000 square feet

GRAPEVINE, Texas (NBC/KXAS) — Members of a church in Texas are racing to finish what they hope will be the world’s largest chalk drawing.

Members of Fellowship Church in Gravevine are trying to set the world record for their mammoth-sized portrait of Jesus Christ.

Their chalk drawing spans nearly 17,000 square feet.

It took hundreds of volunteers, 6,700 individual pieces of chalk, and 125 bags of charcoal to create the portrait.

The Church says the purpose of “Chalk Jesus” is to get people interested in and talking about the church in the days leading to Easter.

The portrait will stay in place through Sunday’s Easter services, at which point congregation members will then wash it away.

Rain showers are possible for Sunday, according to the forecast.

If the rains come, the Church has said they understand that may make the Chalk Jesus “an abstract art piece.”

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