Second bomb scare in as many weeks at Burnet Middle School

BURNET, Texas (KXAN) — Students and faculty at Burnet Middle School in Burnet were moved to an alternate location after a report of a bomb at the school on Monday.

Law enforcement personnel searched the school and found nothing during their sweep of the campus. The ‘all clear’ was given about 3 p.m.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about this event is asked to contact the Burnet Police Department at (512) 756-6404 or call the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 756-8080.  Students can also contact school personnel.

Last week, an 8th grade student was charged with making a false report after threatening to detonate a series of bombs.

The threat indicated three bombs had been placed on campus and that if the bombs didn’t kill the other students, he had a gun to shoot the survivors, police said.

As a result of that threat, the school was evacuated and each student was patted down as they left the building.

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