60-foot hackberry tree topples over

60-foot hackberry tree topples over (Ed Zavala/KXAN)
60-foot hackberry tree topples over (Ed Zavala/KXAN)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The high winds from the severe weather packed enough of a punch to topple over a 60-foot hackberry tree at a nursery in South Austin.

Workers at It’s About Thyme Garden Center say the tree had a shallow root system, which becomes a dangerous situation with a tree as tall as this one was. Workers say it was the perfect storm because the high winds easily knocked over the tall tree that wasn’t anchored well into the ground.

Workers say they took cover when the storm blew through, hunkering down inside the center. They say while no one was in the nursery when the tree fell, they did see it fall over.

No one was hurt, but a display of roses didn’t make it through — as that’s where the hapless hackberry tree landed. It fell into the roses section of the nursery.

Meanwhile, tree crews are moving in equipment to cut up the tree and chip it away.

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