Firefighters run hose through blocking BMW

BOSTON (CNN) — We all know we’re not supposed to park in front of fire hydrants, but if you think getting towed is the worst that can happen, this BMW had a “Backdraft” moment.

It’s hose in a BMW.

“The firefighters, you know, did what they had to do,” Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald.

They did it after arriving at a fire involving three apartment houses in East Boston. A BMW was blocking a hydrant, so firefighters smashed two windows and fed the hose through the car.

It was a scene right out of the movie “Backdraft.”

Firefighters can’t thread the hose under or around the car because it’s not very flexible and tends to kink, reducing the flow of water. That’s exactly what happened to the hose stuck through the BMW.

The car was parked so close to the hydrant that firemen dented it while hooking up, and then the hose kinked up. So firefighters and bystanders got together to move the BMW.

“You literally bounce it, and they probably bounced it a good foot-and-a-half out from the curb,” said MacDonald.

Meanwhile, the car itself became an attraction, and photos were tweeted out.

And yes, Boston police have confirmed that they are mailing a $100 ticket to the owner of the BMW for illegally parking in front of a hydrant.

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