Phone booth library dials things up a notch

LONDON (NBC/EBU) — Cell phones have made the old-fashioned phone booth an endangered species.

London’s phone booths are an icon of the city, but there’s not much need for them anymore.

The phone booths can be bought for just one pound if they’re for charitable purposes, and that was perfect for a man who lived in Southeast London.

With the help of a charity, he bought one and turned it into a tiny library.

“Joshua lives around the corner; I was just telling him about it,” said London neighbor Honza Noel. “I stumbled upon it yesterday. So we just walked past to see, and I think it’s just wonderful for the neighborhood — absolutely amazing.”

People can come and take a book in exchange for an old book of their own. It’s only been around since late last year but has become a local landmark.

“It’s like a mobile library, you know — a library on the go,” said London neighbor Tinu Ogundari. “It’s nice; it’s a good idea. I love it.”

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