‘Billy Cub’ loses his head and punches swiper

CHICAGO (NBC/WMAQ) — A mascot loses his head after someone swipes it in Chicago.

This video shows a man approaching “Billy Cub” from behind inside a Chicago bar on Saturday.

He reaches up and unmasks the “unofficial” mascot.

The cub then clubs the guy when he won’t give him the head back.

“I was taking a picture, and a gentleman came from behind and tried tackling me from behind, almost knocked me over. And I turned around, looked at him and kind of — we had like a five-second little staredown, and he didn’t do anything. And so I brushed it off and walked away,” said “Billy Cub” mascot Patrick Weier. “And I turned to take a picture with another person, and that’s when he took the head off. And I turned and reached and tried to grab the head back, and he wouldn’t let go and I swung on him.”

“Billy Cub” may appear to be the mascot of the Chicago Cubs, but he’s not.

In a statement, a team executive says, “Billy Cub is not and has never been affiliated with the Chicago Cubs.”

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