Meteorite may have hit skydiver in ‘scientific first’

NORWAY (NBC/EBU) – This skydiving video could be a scientific first, taken over Norway in 2012.

It’s not that remarkable, except for something the skydiver didn’t even notice at the time.

After looking at the tape after the jump, Anders Helstrup noticed something: what looked like a rock shooting by him while he was in the air.

Then it hit him: It could have been a meteorite.

Helstrup wondered if the rock might have ended up in his parachute when he packed it, but he dismissed that idea because he thought the rock was too big.

If it was a meteorite, it is the first time one has been captured falling during what’s called “dark flight.” That’s when it has cooled and is no longer lit up.

The object hasn’t been found, but the video was released in the hopes of getting more help in searching for whatever it was that fell out of the sky.

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