‘Darth Vader’ in Ukraine gives it a presidential shot

KIEV, Ukraine (NBC/RTV VIA EBU) — “The Force” was not with a man dressed as “Stars Wars” character “Darth Vader” who wanted to run for president of Ukraine.

A strange and surreal scene unfolded outside Ukraine’s Election Commission Thursday in Kiev, where a number of people stood outside the commission building dressed as “Star Wars” characters.

They were members of the “Internet Party of Ukraine,” and on their website, one of the party’s deputy leaders pledged to block the Election Commission if his candidacy wasn’t recognized.

There were people dressed as “Storm Troopers,” even “Chewbacca” showed up.

But the crowd watching, the “Star Wars” characters and even the “Darth Vader” costume didn’t convince the Election Commission.

It rejected “Darth Vader” as a presidential candidate.

The person wearing the “Vader” costume told the crowd in a high-pitched voice — not the low-register, breathy voice — that he had one thing Russian leader Vladimir Putin needs and that Putin return the Crimea.

Maybe the show was all for a laugh.

As “Vader” was leaving, a man yelled at him, “Go be a movie character. It’s a disgrace.”

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