Creativity ignited in ‘WE ARE Austin Fire’ video

"WE ARE Austin Fire" (Courtesy: austinfiredepartment YouTube)
"WE ARE Austin Fire" (Courtesy: austinfiredepartment YouTube)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Shot by Austin Fire Department videographer Preston Culver, the video called “WE ARE Austin Fire” tries to capture life in the boots of an Austin firefighter from several angles, literally.

From the GoPro perspective on the top of a fire truck with iconic views from all around the city, to up-close-and-personal shots of fighting the intense fire just inches away, this video is a “brief glimpse” into life on the front lines.

Sprinkled throughout the video, you hear from firefighters — one with 27 years in the Department.

Since the video is a neatly packaged presentation of who the Austin Fire Department is at the core, fire officials say they plan to use it for many things, including marketing. They just haven’t figured out all of the particulars yet.

For those wondering, no taxpayer dollars went toward the making of this video — just pure heart and soul.

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