Sgt. reliving 2009 Fort Hood nightmare

FORT HOOD, Texas (NBC/WOAI) — Three people were killed and 16 others wounded when 34-year-old Ivan Lopez allegedly opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon.

Officials say Lopez was being evaluated to determine whether he had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Authorities say Lopez shot himself when he was confronted by a military police officer.

The military post was put on lockdown following the shooting.

“As a mom — to not be able to get to your kids in a situation of crisis – yeah,” said Army wife Jessica Navarro. “It’s tearing me up inside. And all I want to do is get on base, but they won’t let us.”

“It’s really unreal … really unreal,” said Sgt. John Mark Wasinon. “Because in 2009, I was here, and the same thing happened again. And it’s unbelievable.”

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