Man rescued at sea during Clipper Round the World race

PACIFIC OCEAN (NBC/RTV) — A man was rescued from the Pacific Ocean after falling overboard during the Clipper Round the World race.

Andrew Taylor spent around an hour-and-a-half in the water after being swept overboard by high winds while changing a sail over the weekend.

Skipper Sean McCarter immediately initiated the “man overboard” procedure.

The boat lost sight of Taylor in the rough water, but the crew spotted him about an hour after he went over.

Speaking back on the boat, Taylor said he was afraid the crew wouldn’t be able to find him.

“I tried to stay so that I could see the boat,” said Taylor. “I kept moving myself around, swimming around so I could see the boat, thinking you’d be back really quickly. But it just got farther and farther away.”

Taylor was being treated for shock and may have hypothermia.

Meanwhile, other competitors diverted to help in the search.

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