War veteran returns home to save lives of unwanted pets

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — An Army veteran who saved some of his fellow soldier’s lives in war is now saving lives here at home. He’s working to keep unwanted pets alive in Georgetown.

Former Staff Sgt. Chas Jacquier is recovering from traumatic brain injuries he suffered in Afghanistan four years ago.

The animals he takes in help bring joy back into his life, especially Hope. She suffers from Wobbler Syndrome and can no longer walk.

“We had X-rays done already she had a couple of vertebrae that are out in her neck that she’s going to eventually get fused together here,” Jacquier added. “It causes a significant amount of pain.”

Jacquier has helped rescue six animals — four dogs and two cats — with different ailments. He says the animals help heal his spirit.

“The animals that we rescue, a lot of them have issues in regards to their health,” he said. “They have a road to recovery, and I can definitely relate.”

Just as it was in wartime when the staff sergeant fought to keep his men alive, he is now fighting to get Hope walking again.

“Once she’s out in that back yard playing around and I can throw a ball at her again,” said Chas, “that’s when we’ve done it right.”

Jacquier is currently trying to raise $5,000 needed to help get Hope back on her feet.

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