Mosaic origami owl may set Guinness World Record

ATHENS, Greece (NBC/RTV) — More than 18,000 students from across Greece busily worked on a project that could set a Guinness World Record.

The students spent nine hours making 52,000 origami paper flowers and placing them just so to form a giant owl, which is the symbol of Athens.

The multicolored owl is more than 5,500 square feet and was organized by art teacher Myrto Dimitriou.

She’s the only origami teacher in the country and said coordinating the thousands of students was by far the most difficult part of the project.

She’ll send all the documentation to Guinness and wait for the decision.

The current record is an origami mosaic that’s 4,400 square feet that was made in Portugal.

All the students will be able to take a paper flower with them as a souvenir to remember their effort, according to Dimitriou.

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