#Rude! Teachers read students’ mean tweets

Teachers read mean tweets (Courtesy: Josh Vulcano YouTube)
Teachers read mean tweets (Courtesy: Josh Vulcano YouTube)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — What do teachers do when their students tweet about them? Well, read the tweets in a hilarious YouTube video, of course!

Some of the Los Alamitos High School teachers got to reading some tweets made about them – some not so nice.

The teachers are from the small city in Orange County, Calif., and they took to YouTube to poke a little fun at themselves – compliments of their students’ tweets.

The video’s post takes the time to thank all the teachers who participated, likely all outfitted with a humorous thick skin. We all know teachers have a tough job, but squeezing some fun and some lemonade out of life’s little lemons seems to make it all better.

The video takes on Jimmy Kimmel’s style in the celebrity version he does of it, where stars get to doing the same thing. Only, theirs are tweets from their ruthless haters.

I suppose sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh.

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