Minivan drives into barbershop

AUSTIN (KXAN)- A woman driving a minivan crashed into a building at 111 Ramble Lane just before 6p.m. Saturday.

The woman told KXAN another driver cut her off while she was traveling south on South Congress. She swerved to the right and ended up driving up a hill and into Freestyle Barbershop.

There were people inside the building but no one was hurt.

Austin Police said the person responsible drove away. They are searching for that vehicle.

People that work nearby said people need to be careful on wet roads.

“The problem is that people drive way to slow and other people thinking I have 4-wheel-drive and thinking I will be fine,” said H.C. Grewllyer. “As you can see that’s not the case. You need to slow it down a bit.”

The driver was shaken, but uninjured.

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