Officers suspended for tampering with documents after deadly shooting

BASTROP, Texas (KXAN) — A lieutenant and sergeant with the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Department were demoted and suspended for tampering with records following a deadly shooting involving one of their officers. Disciplinary action could also be taken against five other supervisors.

Deputy Daniel Willis shot and killed Yvette Smith on Feb. 16 at a home just north of Bastrop. In an initial statement, the sheriff’s department said Smith was armed, but later recanted.

An investigation following the shooting found supervisors within the department had modified Willis’ field training records. The changes were made in an effort to make sure the records were completed accurately, Sheriff Terry Pickering said.

“I honestly don’t believe there was any ill-will or malice,” Pickering said. “They knew the records were not up to date prior to the incident and were in the process of correcting them.”

Lt. Joey Dzienowski was demoted to patrol duty and given a 240-hour suspension, and Sgt. David Repka was demoted to patrol duty and given a 32-hour suspension.

Further action against other supervisors is pending.

The Texas Rangers investigation into Smith’s shooting is ongoing.

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