“The biggest open house in Texas”- Explore UT

AUSTIN (KXAN)- Tens of thousands of people visited the UT campus Saturday to do a little exploration.

They were here for Explore UT. The public event has proved to be an effective means of recruiting bright, talented prospective students to the university in past years. It also has inspired excitement in learning among younger children who attend and experience the intellectual life, technological advances and rich natural and cultural resources of a world-class university.

More than 400 buses filled with children from school districts throughout Texas arrived on campus to participate in education activities.

The day requires the participation of close to 4,500 students, faculty and staff to run smoothly.

Visitors believe it helps students get a closer look at higher education.

“(We) get a first hand opportunity at looking at it, instead of looking at pictures,” said high school student Michael Dias.

“Some of them, just the whole atmosphere or college in general,” said teacher Nichole McFadden. “It doesn’t have to be UT. Even if it’s on a smaller basis, it’s just the idea of enhancing your education that’s more important than anything.”

UT has held what it calls “The Biggest Open House in Texas” since 1999.

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