“Sasha” from Sochi flies 7,000 miles to safety

LOS ANGELES (NBC/KNBC) — A California woman brings a Sochi puppy 7,000 miles to safety.

Christy Nicolay of Long Beach got off the plane at LAX Monday night with “Sasha.”

Nicolay, who works for the Olympic Committee, helped get Sasha off the streets of Sochi while other stray dogs were being euthanized.

Nicolay needed a lot of help to get Sasha from Sochi to New York to Los Angeles.

“Everybody was coming by for pictures and to hold him and took turns,” said Nicolay. “It was tough, but it was completely worth it for this moment.”

Nicolay worked with two Russian veterinarians, Delta Airlines, and the Centers for Disease Control to bring Sasha to Los Angeles.

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