Temperatures climb toward 100 degrees

AUSTIN (KXAN) – As high pressure strengthens over the area through the coming weekend, many communities will likely see their first 100-degree temperatures of the year.

ABIA set a record low Wednesday morning as a bit of drier air briefly moved into place, allowing the temperature to fall to 67 degrees. That tied the record low for the date, set in 2000.

Mostly dry weather will continue as high temperatures climb through the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. The Hill Country has a higher chance of seeing 100-degree temperatures this weekend, but our official forecast calls for 100 degrees in Austin Sunday through Wednesday.

The only chance of rain during the next seven days comes Thursday afternoon when a weak upper low spinning over the Rio Grande possibly sends a shower or two north into Central Texas. Chances remain low, at only 10%.

The overall outlook for the remainder of summer from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center calls for a hotter and drier than average summer in Central Texas.

With hot temperatures settling in for several months, it is important to remember our neighbors who cannot afford air conditioning. You can help by donating a fan or funds to the KXAN Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive. Click here to make an online donation. Just $15 will buy a box fan for a needy senior or family with small children.

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