Volunteers donate some time to The Project

AUSTIN (KXAN)- A couple thousand UT volunteers from the past and present came out Saturday to pitch in their time on The Project. It’s one of the largest service events anywhere in the country and as of today it’s been going for 15 years.

It takes a year to plan the event to work perfectly with the school, volunteers, government departments, community groups and local businesses.

There were 129 different projects spread out over east Austin. There were things for everyone’s tastes and talents.

“We’re going to help create some handicap accessible beds for folks in wheelchairs,” said William King, a Texas Alum.  “We’re also going to be digging holes to plant trees in the orchard, and as far as I know diverting water for a rain garden.”

The focus this year was to help low income folks, the elderly and veterans.

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