CPS: Infants in foster care had bruises, broken bones

<p>AUSTIN (KXAN) — Child Protective Services removed 6-week-old twin infants from their foster home last week after they were found with bruises and broken bones.

At the time, the siblings were under the care of a foster family overseen by the foster care agency Arrow Child and Family Ministries.  During a visit, an employee noticed one of the babies wheezing.

“This is so early,” said Arrow CEO Scott Lundy said of the investigation. “There are so many scenarios into how these babies could have gotten hurt.”

The infants were hospitalized briefly and have been placed in a new home with a different foster family overseen by a different agency, Department of Family and Protective Services spokesperson Julie Moody said.

The babies are expected to recover from their injuries.

The foster parents under investigation have been fostering kids for about five years and have no history of problems, Lundy said. “They have been a fantastic family.”

He did not know if the infants had a medical check up before being placed in the home.

Due to confidentiality, there are many things CPS and Arrow cannot share about why or how the babies ended up in foster care. Arrow has suspended all placements in their Austin foster homes until they find out what happened.

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