Olympic internship offers UT student a global perspective

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Aleksandra Utterback is still beaming, having recently returned from Russia where she completed an NBC Sports internship at the Sochi Olympics.  Utterback, an advertising graduate student at UT, shared her experience with KXAN News Anchor Brian Sanders this morning, on KXAN News Today.  Her main job was as a guide, ushering NBC’s VIP guests from the airport and through individual events.

Aleksandra is Polish, but she said she was repeatedly mistaken for Russian by many people in the Olympic Village.  She said she got a kick out of people who would approach her and confidently begin speaking to her in Russian.  Since Russian and Polish have certain similarities, Aleksandra said she understood some of what people the people were saying and did her best to help them.

Aleksandra said a highlight of her time in Sochi, was getting to meet some of the Polish Olympic team in her hotel.  They gave her a hat, which she showed off during her KXAN interview.

She was one of two U.T. Students who were chosen for the NBC Sports internship.  She was accompanied by Kadriya Gizatullina, a sophomore radio-television-film major.




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