Family offers reward for hit and run suspect

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The family of 9-year-old, Yahir Vidal, is offering $3,000 to anyone that has information that could lead to the arrest of the driver who killed the boy in a hit-and-run crash in December.

According to officials, on December 7th, the Vidal family got out of their Ford Mustang after being involved in an accident on Highway 183 near the intersection of Burleson Road. While the family was investigating the damage, Vidal was run over by a white Chevy pickup that  lost control due to the icy conditions. The driver of the truck didn’t stop.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the family gathered to talk about their son, who they said always had a smile and loved going to school.

“It’s been very hard for him to bury his son and if he were here today he would tell him that he loves him,” said Lt. Ruben Garcia speaking for Israel Vidal.

Lt. Ruben Garcia,  Texas Highway Patrol, said that the investigation continues, but there is no new information at the time.

“We are looking for a white pickup and that’s the only information we have at this point with some possible damage from a crash,” Garcia said.

The family, with the help of Capital Area Crimestoppers, has raised $3,000 to offer as a reward to anyone that can help solve this crime.

CrimeStoppers encourages anyone with information to call 512-472-8477.

Yahir’s family hopes the driver, a body shop, a stranger, anyone comes forward with information to help bring them peace.

“They feel that someone somewhere has seen something,” said Lt. Garcia.

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