Jury: Dead motorist, thought to be traffic crash victim, was murdered


AUSTIN (KXAN) – A man was found guilty on Tuesday of murdering a driver he flagged down with his firearm, in a bizarre case police originally thought was a simple traffic accident.

Authorities’ investigations connected Darius Lovings with the 2012 death of William Ervin, whose death was originally believed to be an innocent traffic fatality – until they found gunshot wounds on Ervin’s body, inconsenthat would not have been caused by a collision.

When they began investigate it as a suspicious death, they linked Lovings to a similar case in which a motorist had reported being flagged down by a man with a firearm around the same time, both on Sprinkle Cut-Off Road, a  day before Ervin was discovered.

Both incidents happened on Sprinkle Cut-Off Road within an hour of each other.

Punishment phase will begin on Wednesday after docket call.

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