Boy Scouts celebrate 104 years

Local scouts walk in the parade.
Local scouts walk in the parade.

Tall and proud, the Boy Scouts celebrated their 104th anniversary on Saturday with a parade through downtown Austin.

Thousands of scouts, parents and troop leaders joined in.

The theme of the parade: “Prepared for Life”, reflecting scouting’s rich history of giving young people the skills and experiences to succeed as adults.

Not just a camping club, scouting helps youngsters build self-esteem, learn leadership skills and achieve their goals.

“He’s got a lot of leadership skills working with others,” said Jennifer Weaver about her scouting son. “A lot of camaraderie, being part of a team.  Being part of a group and learning to support each other, and accept each other.”

Community service is a bedrock for scouts: Last year in Central Texas Eagle Scout candidates put in 80,000 hours of service over 15 counties.

Organizers say 91% of veteran scouts graduate from high school. 83% of veteran scouts say scouting helped them succeed in their chosen career.

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