Rail delays blamed on crack caused by extreme temps


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Capital Metro says the rapid rises and drops in temperature over the last week contributed to delays on Wednesday night.

Passengers were forced to wait up to 45 for their train after a crack in the rail slowed service.

“With metal, you have expansion and contraction” which led to the cracks, said spokesperson Francine Pares, .

On Wednesday night, an inspector noticed a crack and all trains were slowed from their normal 40-45 miles per hour to around 20mph.

As each train slowed down, it forced the others to do the same.

“It is like on the freeway. One slows down, another slows down behind it,” said Pares.

Once all service was complete for the night, the crack was repaired and Thursday morning service was on time.

KXAN reported similar problems in December.



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