Procedures to get rid of excess skin

Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez joined KXAN News Today to talk about two popular surgeries to remove excess skin: tummy tucks and arm lifts.

She says women who have been pregnant or have had significant weight changes are the most likely tummy tuck candidates. Tummy tucks involve removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal wall and tightening muscles to improve overall shape and form.

Arm lifts are also becoming an increasingly popular surgery, according to Hix-Hernandez. Lifting weights and doing cardio can help tone your arms, but surgery is often necessary to remove the extra skin, she said.

Dr. Hix-Hernandez says that healthy non-smokers with a stable weight are the best candidates for the procedures.

“We do not recommend this in a smoker, at all,” she said. “Smoking just really knocks out our ability to heal, specifically at a skin level. These patients have a 22 times increased risk of having post-operative complications.”

If you’re interested in a tummy tuck or arm lift, Hix-Hernandez suggests finding a doctor who routinely performs these surgeries.

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