TX restaurant industry expected to grow in 2014


The restaurant industry in Texas is expected to see more sales and employ more people in 2014, according to a report by the National Restaurant Association.

According to the report, sales will reach $42.5 billion and Texas restaurants will employ 1.1 million people next year creating an additional 170,800 jobs within the next ten years. This year is the fifth consecutive year the restaurant industry will experience a growth in sales.

2014 also marks the fifteenth straight year the restaurant industry’s employment growth will outpace overall employment growth. The restaurant industry is the second largest private employer with 13.5 million individuals working in a restaurant, or 10 percent of the total workforce.

While the restaurant industry is expected to grow in 2014, operators will continue to face a range of challenges. The top challenges cited by restaurateurs vary slightly by industry segment, and include food costs, labor costs, and the economy.

For more information about the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast, visit their website here.

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