Bill would allow concealed carry in any state

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn

Texas Senator John Cornyn has introduced a bill to allow people with conceal carry licenses to carry them in any state.

The bill would treat permits like driver licenses, making it legal to carry the gun in any state. This is similar to an amendment Cornyn filed in April of last year attached to another bill.

According to , Texans can carry their weapons in 36 states. Some of the places you can’t carry include New York and California as well as Washington, D.C.

The bill comes as all 50 states now have some sort of conceal carry law. Illinois was the last state to pass one. People there have only been able to apply for licenses since last week.

Here in Texas, Governor George W. Bush signed concealed carry legislation into law back in 1995.

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