Companies cash in on Charlie Strong hire


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Longhorn fans are already trying to get their hands on new Charlie Strong merchandise.

KXAN ran across a “Texas Strong” t-shirt design online from the small Dallas-based company Compete Every Day.

Company founder Jake Thompson said the shirt has been out for a while in other colors. It was their best-seller of 2013. The shirt was originally designed for a Crossfit competition, but worked perfectly for the newest Longhorn.

“When the news broke Saturday night and the rumors were swirling that Charlie Strong was coming to Texas we decided to offer the burnt orange and black colors,” said Thompson. “And everybody’s gone nuts over it which is great.”

In the first 48 hours, the company sold more than 100 shirts.

University Co-Op is also expecting a shipment of Strong gear Friday morning. The new head coach’s name lends itself to plenty of options.

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