David Scott

Reporter/ Weekend Evening Anchor

David Scott, a weekday reporter and weekend anchor at KXAN, is a multiple Emmy-winning reporter with more than 30 years in broadcast news.

Over the course of his career David has covered presidential, statewide and city campaigns, legislatures and school boards, military deployments and homecomings, and most every natural disaster from hurricanes, to floods and wildfires. He has flown with stunt pilots, the Blue Angels and taken a spin in an F-1 race car. His work travels have taken him from coast to coast and once, to Moscow.

A native of Michigan, David has also worked in Detroit, Boston, Houston and San Antonio. With more than 25 years in the Lone Star state (primarily Austin), David considers himself an adopted Texan. He and his wife Tammy live in the Hill Country with their four pets: two mixed Labs, Ronin and Red, were shelter dogs; miniature pinscher Bandit and ginger tabby Cheyenne were taken in as young strays.

David’s interests include reading, politics, movies, tennis, scuba, daily swimming, and Gulf coast surf fishing, although he admits to abandoning golf a few years ago as his game “went south.” He enjoys watching football, baseball and hockey.

Among his favorite reads are biographies, history & historical novels, and adventure.  His favorite movies include The Godfather (I & II), Casablanca, The English Patient, The Fountainhead, All About Eve, Key Largo, Shane, Last of the Mohicans, and the Bond movies (Connery, of course).

When it comes to music, David’s taste runs wide. He is a fan of jazz, classic rock, Latin and classical. Among his favorite performers are Steve Miller, Sting, The Moody Blues, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, trumpeter Rick Braun and Frank Sinatra.

Oh, and favorite foods? He enjoys anything out of the sea, barbeque, and Tex-Mex, of course. Tammy makes the best chalupas in Texas completely from scratch.

David especially admires those who work in service of those in need, and the U.S. military who sacrifice for this country.

Email David at david.scott@kxan.com.

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