Free service spruces up your emails


AUSTIN (KXAN) – If you’re looking to get back into your professional groove or maybe start sending those personal “Thank You” notes for Christmas presents and post-holiday fun, one company is starting to make that a bit easier.

PointDrive is a content-sharing application that contends “smarter sharing means stronger relationships.”

Creators say that in the business sphere, it’s a sales-oriented application that improves the way you share content with customers — particularly useful for small businesses.

College students are also using it as a creative way to send their resume and portfolios, according to PointDrive creators.

It can even be used for work purposes, such as sending emails, and even for things like planning a party and inviting people to events. There is even room for links, maps, documents and videos.

You can import your LinkedIn profile, logo and contact information.

Basically, you create what you want to be seen – as though you’re walking the person on the receiving end through your message or presentation as though you were telling a story.

While the service – which launched in October — is free, starting Jan. 1, PointDrive launched its enhanced pro version. That costs $10 a month or $99 a year.

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