Pedicab investigation prompts action at City Hall

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A KXAN investigation into dangerous pedicabs prompts city leaders to seek out a safer solution regarding dangerous pedicab drivers in downtown Austin.

The investigation took KXAN to Denver, where strong regulations dropped the number of accidents to zero. And now, Austin city leaders appear ready to make some changes.

Two days after the investigation aired, Austin’s Transportation Department officials called their counterparts in Denver asking for copies of their regulations.

Specifically, their training documents and license plate ordinance — two things Denver has that Austin doesn’t.

“What did you think when you saw the way some of the drivers are driving?” KXAN asked.

Carlton Thomas with Austin’s Transportation Department answered: “I thought we were seeing some unsafe behavior.”

KXAN: “Do you think what Denver’s doing could work well here?”

Thomas: “There’s the potential.”

Thomas said a new ordinance could take effect in April. KXAN will continue to follow this story and find out if the city follows through for a safer solution for Austin’s pedicabs.

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